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                                      1. Gong Yuanxing, former Ambassador of Chinese Embassy to Senegal, visited LZU.
                                      2. Experiencing Exoticism --- A Special Performance in Lanzhou University by Indian Art Troupe
                                      3. LZU leaders attend the World University Presidents Forum
                                      4. A special performance by the band from Oklahoma in America, Kyle Dillingham and Horseshoe Road, is held in Lanzhou University
                                      5. The International Academic Conference on “Multiculture and Social Work: Dialogue and Communication in Globalization Era” was Held at Lanzhou University
                                      6. Lanzhou University attends “Sino-Japanese University Exhibition & Forum in China 2019”
                                      7. Lanzhou University attends Shanghai Forum and 1st plenary conference of BRICS university union
                                      8. Professor Jia Chenglong’s Research Team from Lanzhou University Published a Paper in Nature Communications
                                      9. Luo Yang from the First Hospital of Lanzhou University Published a Paper on The Lancet as the First Author
                                      10. Dr.Mi La Lurier from European University at St.Peterburg Visited Lanzhou University
                                      1. The 9th session of “Investigation and Diligence” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
                                      2. The 12th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
                                      3. The 11th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
                                      4. Call for works in the 7th “Exceptional Insight Cup” Campus Short Film and Photo Exhibition
                                      5. 2019 IGCP-652 Conference—International High-resolution Paleozoic Geologic Time Scale Semilar (The First Circular)
                                      6. 1st Mini-Workshop for Physics of Ions: Frontiers and Applications
                                      7. Symposium on physics and applications of ion beams
                                      8. International Workshop on Experimental and Theoretical Developments of Complex Quantum Systems
                                      9. Notice of Lanzhou University Talent Recruitment Fair, Germany & Sweden
                                      10. Lanzhou University 110th Anniversary Announcement (No.1)
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                                      1. 【China Daily】Alumni at anniversary
                                      2. The College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley intends to explore the mutual benefits of a new Graduate Institute in Meishan, Greater Chengdu
                                      3. 【Nature专刊】lanzhou university
                                      4. 【China Daily】Government aid provides new opportunities for students
                                      5. Lanzhou University holds group wedding for hundreds of alumni
                                      6. Chinese researchers develop new technique for low-cost solar cells